I remember something I learned in religion class (being a good Catholic boy and all) in high school.  Our teacher was trying to teach us about relationships when she (a former nun married to a former priest, great people, true story) told us that married couples fight over really small stuff like not squeezing the tube of toothpaste from the end.   I remember my classmates and I scoffing at the idea that couples would fight over something so ridiculous.  Fast forward 20 years and coming up on 13 years of marriage.  We don’t fight about toothpaste (not when we can fight about laundry), but she does leave the tube looking like this….

The real source of confusion on my part is that my wife refuses to put the toilet paper on the roll.  I mean she never does it.  She would use the loose roll forever if I did not replace it for her.  I understand the girls use more than guys; we have two daughters in the house, and our Sam’s Wholesale Club membership is paid for in toilet paper savings alone. Let me be clear:  she is perfect in every way other than this, but I thought this was supposed to be one of those bad habits that husbands have.  Guess I got lucky…

You're so close...


I am exhausted by reality TV. Enough with the races, the games, the games on islands, and the Jersey shores; enough with the housewives, the bachelors, and the bachelorettes; enough with the singing, the dancing, and the d-list celebrity dancing; enough with apprentices, top models, and top chefs; enough with ice truckers, dangerous catches, and dirty jobs; enough with the Kardashians, Hogans, and the girls next door (Holly, I don’t mean it, please don’t go…); enough with rocks, buses, flavors, and shots of love; enough with big brothers, big losers, and big worlds with little people; enough with big families, real worlds, and real chances at love. Enough.

Just when I thought TV as I knew it in its glory days (the ‘80s, duh) was dead, a new show hit the air. This is a real live fake show with a made up story about things that could never happen. It is called Human Target and airs on FOX. It actually has an old fashion title sequence with silhouettes of ladies…with guns. That’s right: ladies with guns! On top of that it co-stars Kelly Lee (aka Jackie Earle Haley) from the Bad News Bears. I mean really, ladies with guns and a kid who smokes, rides a motorcycle, and can catch a fastball with no glove? It’s like magic. Unfortunately since I like the show, it will likely be cancelled in about a month. Guess I’ll have to go back to watching Celebrity Rehab.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Well here we go.  I am entering the world of blogging like I do most conversations, interrupting and steering the chatter towards something I want to talk about.  Hopefully all will go well, but I’ve got a bad feeling about this.

Ah, the beauty of winter...

I wish it would all melt already!